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Hey there guys, heres part 2 of our countdown of the top 40 recommended movies to watch on Halloween. This list includes movies which are jump,gory, teenage slashers and foreign horror movies. Enjoy and if you must, shield your eyes underneath the duvet!


 21. Saw (2004)

Two men wake up chained in a dirty, disused bathroom: in between them a corpse with a gun in one hand and a record tape in the other. Unfortunately they are the next victims of the Jigsaw killer, a deadly game is set for them.

A good quality debut for this sadistic saga



22. Hostel (2005)

Three backpackers locked out from their hostel in Amsterdam meet a man that suggests them to head to a Slovakian one. He promises that the place is going to be full of hot women. Sure it is, but more horrific things await them down there.

Being backpackers would never be the same after you’ve seen this.



23. House of 1000 Corpses (2003)

Two young couples take a road trip searching for urban legends of murder. Their journey ends up with them being victims of a sadistic and psychotic family, living in the middle of nowhere.

Rob Zombie’s tribute to the classics horror movie from the 70’s.



24. The Human Centipede (2009)

In an isolated villa in Germany two American girls and a Japanese man become part of a terrific experiment. A retired surgeon is using them to bring to life his insane fantasy: the human centipede.

One of the most criticized, gory movies of these years. If you are able to overcome the repulsive concept, you might look at this film as a cult classic. We certainly do not!


25. Creep (2005)

Overnight on the London Underground, A woman is trapped after falling asleep while waiting for her train. She soon finds out that she is not alone. Someone is spying on her: a deformed killer living in the sewers below.

Not an exciting one. Some good moments of dread.




26. Paranormal Activity (2007)

A young couple moves into a new house in San Diego. Although their love nest turns out to be haunted by a presence, especially during nights. In the attempt to discover the real nature of this entity, Katie and Micah set up night-vision cameras. The found footage is, actually the movie itself.

The most profitable film ever made (outclassing The Blair Witch Project). This movie highlighted that good ghost stories don’t need fancy computer mash-ups or high profile stars.


27. Thirteen Ghosts (2001)

Widowed Arthur inherits from his uncle a huge estate: a glass-walled house with a surprise content. In fact 12 ghost are segregated inside the house, and once Arthur moves in with his family they find themselves trapped inside an evil machine. Who is going to be the thirteenth ghost?

A short remake of a 1960 movie, the visual appearance is potentially good but the plot is not well explored. Some distinctive acting performances from Monk’s Tony Shalhoub and Shannon Elizabeth .


28. Vacancy (2007)

A married couple, David (Luke Wilson) and Amy (Kate Beckinsale) Fox  have to check into a completely isolated motel after their car breaks down. To entertain themselves they watch some tapes and find that they all are snuff films recorded in the very same room. Now aware of their destiny they desperately try to escape.

A real motel hell. Suspense and a panicking Beckinsale is worth a view.



Teenage Slasher

29. Prom Night (2008)

Donna is thrilled for her upcoming senior prom night, but when her magic moment changes into a nightmare full of murders she knows who hides behind. A man from the past, obsessed with her, is returned to finish what he wasn’t able to do before. Kill her.

For those of you who think that proms are meaningless and are finally delighted to cheer for the bad guy, kill her, KILL HER!



30. Scream (1996)

A serial killer known as “ghost face” begins his spiral of violence, killing teenagers under the frighten eyes of Sidney Prescott whose mother was raped and killed just a year before. Is the slayer the same? And who could it be? Everyone is a suspect.

Best scary (and funny!) phone call in horror movie history and the most imitated mask for Halloween costumes. Wes Craven’s film is considered a modern day classic.


31. House of Wax (2005)

Six friends on their way for a football game decide to camp for the evening and continue driving the next day. But the morning after the car has some troubles, so two of them accept a stranger’s ride to the nearest town, Ambrose. This ghost town has only one lure the creepy House of Wax. The weird museum, with too realistic statues, is secretly occupied by a monster with a wax mask, willing to enrich his collection of waxed “friends”.

Pros: great soundtrack, Paris Hilton dies before completely spoiling the film, eye candy Chad Michael Murray (or Jared Padalecki if you prefer)

32. Wrong Turn (2003)

A medical student, Chris, is driving his car heading to a job interview. He crashes into a Range Rover with flat tires belonged to a group of five friends on a hiking trip. Three of them go with Chris in search for help, a couple remains in the car. What they find, instead, is a cabin full of human body parts, and three cannibalistic mountain man that chase them through the woods.

Freak villains (not too disturbing though), decent dose of tension and chills in this quest to survive.


33. Jeepers Creepers (2001)

Trish and her brother Darry come home for spring break. On their way back they saw a man sliding what looks like a body wrapped in bloody sheets into a large pipe next to an old church. Darry insists to investigate and at the bottom of the pipe discovers hundreds of bodies sewn together in a “psycho version of the Sistine Chapel”. Trish and Darry set off to find help, but the flesh-eating creature that lives in the hole is now aware of their visit and the horror begins.

The song in Jeepers Creepers is one of the  the creepiest themes ever.


34. Urban Legend (1998)

Natalie is a beautiful and successful student at Pendleton University. During professor Wexler Folklore class she discovers the universe of urban legends, one in particular is set in her own college. After a series of dramatic murders, she starts to suspect that the killer is inside the campus and that she could be the next victim.

A pleasant, unexpected ending. Who is the more likely villain Jared Leto, Tara Reed or Joshua Jackson? Watch and find out.



Foreign Films

35. The Orphanage (2007)

Laura is a former orphan who now takes her family in the orphanage where she was raised. When her son, Simon, tells her about his five invisible friends she doesn’t bother as much as she would. So when Simon disappears a desperate Laura invites a team of parapsychologists to solve the mystery hoping is not too late.

A frightful experience from the beginning to the end. Well directed, great performances of the leading characters, Belén Rueda (Laura) and Roger Princep (Simon).



36. The Grudge (2004)

An American nurse lives and works in Tokyo. Her new patient, Emma  suffers fron mild dementia but the worst thing is that in the house with her lives a supernatural spirit who spread his curse and is in for revenge.

This American remake was directed by the same director of the original series, Takashi Shimizu. For a fully foreign version watch Ju-On (2003).



37. The Ring (2002)

A journalist named Rachael is investigating a puzzling videotape full of disturbing images that might be involved in the unsolved murders of four teenagers (including her niece). In fact after watching the tape the viewer receives a phone call: you will die in seven days says a dreadful girl’s voice. Rachael better moves fast since her son and her lives are on the line.

Again we present you the plot of the American remake. The original 1998 Japanese movie, Ringu, is possibly as scary as this critical and commercial success.


38. The Eye (2002)

Set in Hong Kong, a girl blind since the age of two gets an eye cornea transplant. The first excitement is suddenly replaced by terror when she starts seeing dead people, very unfriendly ones. She takes a journey to solve the mystery behind the donor’s life.

The Pang brothers’ movie, known also as Gin gwai, is much better than the 2008 American version starring Jessica Alba.



39.I Saw The Devil (2010)

When Soo-hyun’s pregnant fiancé is brutally killed by a dangerous psychopath, the hopeless detective is in for vengeance. No matter what it takes. Even becoming a monster himself.

This extremely dark, South Korean movie is full of savage murders. You will experience pain, misery and sorrow all at once.



40. Alone (2007)

Set in Thailand, Twin sisters Pim and Ploy fall in love with the same guy  Wee while they are in a hospital. Although Wee prefers Pim and Ploy becomes jealous. The twins get through the operation that separates them, but Ploy dies. Years later Pim moves to South Korea and dates Wee, but when she comes back home visiting her dying mother the spirit of her angry sister haunts her.

Unpredictable story, a successful spook film.



There you have it folks, the top 40 Halloween movies we recommend you watch. A word of warning, these movies are only suitable for the very brave! Check out our next blog where we will be posting the top 20 tracks you should have on your Halloween playlist.

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Top 40 recommended movies to watch on Halloween

Top 40 movies for Halloween Night!
We are so excited about Halloween! Spooky pumpkins, black and orange decorations, fake blood and outrageous monsters costumes, cannot wait for the 31st! If you are thrilled too, but simply don’t feel the urgency to dust off your fancy dress and prefer to chill in the cosiness of your house, well, here our suggestions for a great frightful night. Just you, your dearest friends, your blanket and pop corn (or sweets) and the remote to turn on the movie you’ve chosen! Here’s the first twenty movies we recommend for Halloween with the next 20 movies featuring in our next post.
Lets start with few titles that even kids can enjoy. Yes, we are talking about Animation

1. Frankenweenie (2012)
Victor, a dark and lonely boy, wants to bring back to life his beloved dog named Sparky. But the unattended consequences are waiting  for him.

For those of you who love Tim Burton and black & white stop motion.


2. ParaNorman (2012)
Meet Norman, a misunderstood boy that has to save his town from a mysterious curse. Obviously weird creatures like ghosts, zombies and a wicked witch are involved in the process.

A cute, geeky and creepy movie.



3. The Nightmare before Christmas
When the king of Halloweentown, Jack Skelligton, finds out that there is a parallel world, the land of Christmas, where monsters and nightmares are replaced by cheerful children, sparkling decorations and tons of gifts he is mesmerized. He tries to recreate this atmosphere in his creepy way, with doubtful outcomes.

The movie that reassembles everything you need to know about Halloween. More than a classic. The Ultimate Halloween animation movie!


4. Hotel Transylvania
Count Dracula builds a hotel that become a hill fort from the humans which is threatening all the monsters out there, especially for his teen-aged daughter Mavis. In the occasion of her birthday, however, a boy sneaks in.

Adam Sandler as Count Dracula’s voice is simply irresistible.



5. Monster House (2006)
Three friends run into a haunted house. A living, breathing, and screaming house, actually. Do they survive from their scariest adventure, on the eve of Halloween night?
Produced by Zemeckis and Spielberg, this movie is labelled PG, kind of violent and frightening for an animation.




Time for  the serious stuff. All these Classics are not for the faint hearted. Prepare to hide behind your sofas!


6. The Shinning (1980)
Jack Torrance, a writer, is recruited with his family to become the winter caretakers of the isolated Overlook Hotel. An evil presence drives Jack insane while Danny, his psychic son, has horrific flashbacks and premonitions.
Recently restored, Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece is also at cinemas now. Jack Nicholson’s scary face on the big screen is priceless.



7. Psycho (1960)
Tired of her boring life-style, Marion Crane leaves town with $40.000 in her purse, stolen from her employer. Before reaching her lover Sam, she stops at The Bates Motel, where the young proprietor Norman seems under the domination of his mother.

The shower scene is a must see. Hitchcock built tension like no one else.



8. A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)
Teens living in Elm Street are tormented by a clawed killer named Freddie Kruger. Could Nancy Thompson find a resolution before the murderer who haunts their dreams kills one by one her friends?

The first film of the Kruger’s saga is without a doubt the best one. Even if Johnny Depp dies way too soon.



9. Carrie (1976)
Take a shy, abused girl with telekinetic powers, Carrie, deliver her to high school prom where mean mates plot to embarrass her. Her revenge will burst unrestrained.

You clearly don’t want to mess with this angry, young woman. You bloody don’t!



10. Suspiria (1977)
An American dancer, Suzy Bannion, joins a prestigious dance academy in Germany. She soon finds out that the school is controlled by a coven of witches.

Amazingly scary soundtrack. Elaborate deaths and powerful visual imagery are Dario Argento’s trademarks.



11. Halloween (1978)
October 31st,1963, Halloween night: Judith Myers is stabbed to death by her six-year-old brother, Michael. Fifteen years later Michael escapes from the psychiatric hospital, returns home and stalks the teenage Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her friends.

With the first scene of this brilliantly done low budget, independent movie, John Carpenter make us share the killer point of view.



12.Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
Sally Hardesty, her paraplegic brother and three friends are on a journey to visit Hardesty’s grandfather grave (apparently desecrated). On their way they are hunted down and terrorized by a chainsaw wielding killer and his family of grave-robbing cannibals.

One of the cruellest killer ever imagined, Leatherface, a character inspired by a real-life murderer Ed Gein.



13.The Hills Have Eyes (1977)
A family on a road trip to California have their car break down in the middle of the Nevada desert. They become preys for a clan of deformed cannibals, violent savages who hunt them down in the surrounding hills.

Some humorous touches still entertain and charm horror fans, giving this movie an enduring relevancy.



14.The Exorcist (1973)
The actress Chris MacNeil notices some dramatic changes in the behaviour of her 12 year-old daughter (played by Linda Blair). She calls for help two priests, Father Merrin and Father Damian Karras perform the exorcism.
First horror movie to be nominated for a Oscar for Best Picture.



15. Candyman (1994)
Helen Lyle is a student who is doing research for her thesis on urban legends. She learns about the legend of Candyman, a one-armed man who appears when you say his name five times, in front of the mirror. She is skeptic and ignores warnings. But when a series of horrible murders begins she needs to face the Candyman herself.
The creepy movie explores the power of myth and the role of imagination in fear.


16. Misery (1990)
The novelist Paul Sheldon, on his way home from Colorado, crashes his car during a frightful blizzard. He is injured, but luckily (or not?) he is rescued by Annie Wilkes a former nurse and obsessed fan of his books. Oh, we forgot to say that Annie is also an head case, any worries Paul?
The remarkable performance of Kathy Bates as Annie is worth the 107 minutes of the movie.


17. Child’s Play (1988)
In this first film of the series, a single mum gives to her six-year-old boy a doll for his birthday. The bad news is that the doll is possessed with the soul of a serial killer trying to possess the kid in order to become human.

Dolls are damn scary, this is the proof!



18. It (1990)
It is 1960 and a group of seven kids are tormented by an evil entity that takes the form of a sadistic, child-killing clown called “Pennywise the Dancing Clown”. After 30 years the resurfaced clown is still messing with their lives, but now as adults they want to stop this for good

The Movie is an adapation of Stephen King’s novel,previously released as a TV mini series, it has affected an entire generation.



19. Freaks (1932)

This classic movie revolves around a beautiful trapeze artist in the circus who agrees to the marry the leader of the side-show performers. However, it isn’t long before his deformed friends discover that she is marrying him only for his inheritance. This leads to the sideshows formulating a sinster plan on the beautiful trapeze artist.

The ending of Freaks is one of the most disturbing in cinema history.




20. The Evil Dead (1981)
This movies involves 5 students staying in a cabin in the woods who stumble upon an audiotape translation of the mysterious book of death. The students play the tape unleashing an evil entity. Will they survive?

This film marked the directorial debut of Sam Raimi who went onto direct the Spiderman trilogy


The fun does not stop there! Watch out for our next blog where we will be counting down the rest on our top 40 movies to watch on Halloween. If you like gory, teenage slashers, jumpy or foreign horror movies, be on the lookout for our next blog entry later on in the week.

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