The  Songmaker Team

Name:  Cristina Canfora
AKA: ‘Italian Chick’
Role: Crazy Party Writer

Superpower would be: Mind Reader      

Instead is: Book Reader

Guilty pleasure: Golden Oldies Movies

Most overused word: “Really”

Name: Ricky Pang

AKA: ‘Chiggaman’

Role: Social Media Geek

Superpower would be: Time Traveller

Instead is: Time Waster

Guilty Pleasure: Bubblegum Pop

Most overused word: “Dude”

Ladies & Gentleman, Boys and & Girls, Welcome to our new and improved Songmaker Entertainment Blog sponsored by the Songmaker team.

Who We Are:

Songmaker is the No.1 recording studio experience in the country. Now in its 10th year and with 80 locations in the U.K, Ireland and Europe,theres something for everyone at Songmaker. We offer a wide variety of packages from popstar experiences to stag/hen parties. You can even learn how to become a DJ! Watch out David Guetta!

Check out our official website: http://www.songmaker.co.uk/index.php

What the Blog is about:

The Songmaker entertainment blog is your weekly hub for the weird and wonderful world of entertainment. We will be delivering the latest and hottest news, features and reviews in:

  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Movies
  • Culture

We will also occasionally be posting special challenges and videos involving us. It’s going to be wild and exciting!



Ricky & Cristina

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