5 steps to become a Pop Star

You’re very talented and you see on magazines plenty of people that have got it. Why aren’t you sharing pages with them? Why don’t you have a hit striking on Youtube with millions of visits? Why aren’t you invited to the VIP lounge at your favorite venues? Well here are some tips that can help you to light up as much as they do. Become a Pop Star!

1. Know yourself

This one can seem obvious but, are you aware of this things that makes you special? Take some of your best traits, those that the people use to describe you to other people, compliments that you get from your friends often, the skills you know that you have and maybe not everyone knows and the things that you love to do and make them an essential part of your life. You want to be the most YOU possible, strong and consistent behaviours that makes no one doubt your authenticity. You want to differentiate from “normal people” that haven’t convictions. You want to be more black or white than grey. Don’t waste your time doing things that are not part of your personality because others want you to do. At this point you can say that you are already cool enough to start your journey. Feels good, doesn’t it?

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

Now you have the attitude, next step would be to be as good as you can doing what you wanna do for your living: Sing! This is very important, you are aiming to be a superstar, you don’t want to be “any” singer, you want to be “the” singer. Remember that singing is a form of art, don’t just imitate your idols, instead have your own ideas, try new timbres, melodies that come to your mind, go crazy with the energy of your own songs, make your words be brushstrokes and your crowd your canvas. Record yourself, listen to yourself, maybe you are alredy cool but, and this is the most important think, everything can always be improved, that’s what differentiate the nice and good singers and AMAZING singers, everything can be pushed forward, that doesn’t mean that you are doing bad always, you are cool already, do you remember? But that attitude will bring you the results.

So many people is always gonna try to prove that you have failed any how. They will find the way, but don’t worry, you are gonna have an army of fans that are gonna protect you and you aren’t gonna freak out with the bad critics, after all you have done your homework and you’ll be proud of yourself. Everyone has a bad day. TIP: Record videos of yourself if you are very young, people love talented young performers and will support you through your journey (Justin Bieber is a good example of this)

3. Make good contacts

You have the attitude and a gorgegous, personal voice, what’s next? You would like to have people that help to raise your profile up. You aren’t not gonna see often someone in the music industry talking to strangers and telling they that they’ll invest a lot of money to put in an album, promotion and touring without even knowing if they are reliable. That’s like a fairy tale! Most of the people in the industry are normal people, surrounded by their friends that are gonna be mostly part of the industry too. They, as you also do, trust their friends and they are gonna listen to their advices. Knowing this you should start making friends, meeting musicians, going to gigs, talk with promoters, learn from them how everything works, make them to introduce you to others, and always deliver a good impression to them, they wanna know that you are working hard chasing your dreams and that you are 100% involved. You’ll surprise how the friend of the friend of your friend has an good opportunity for you, and of course you’re are gonna fulfill their expectations.

4. Jump on to the stage and shine!

It’s happening constantly! People with great voices getting stuck on the stage. Stage fright is a disgusting feeling, all your insecurities show up, you can hear your hearbeat louder than yourself, your throat and your mouth drys up and it’s like it’s not enough air in the world to fill your lungs. There are two ways to avoid this: 1. Experience and 2. Accept the failure. Most of the people learn the second one through the first one as long as they are more confident with themselves but, seriously, if you just jump on to the stage and have fun of, no matter what are they gonna think about you, not only they are gonna enjoy more but you’re gonna be definitely doing better and, which is very very important, having fun. Get experience and learn on the way, be aware of the details, share everything with the audience because when you are linked to them is when the magic happens. TIP: You’ll want to watch your performances, you’ll learn a lot of how you look like and be sure that you weren’t act too ridiculous.

5. Reinvent yourself

If you are already on the top, don’t settle you butt down. You want everyone not to forget you in a couple of months, revisit every stage of your process everyday and improve it. Remember what we already said, everything always can be improved. Take the biggest ones as example they are changing their music, their looks, their souls (Madonna, Michael Jackson, …)

Last Advise: Defeat all your fears and go for it! And never… never give up! Soon you’ll be on the cover of all the magazines, your songs will be sounding everywhere and you’ll  be drinking mojitos daily with all the artist that you used to be fan of.

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