Your Sister’s Sister DVD Review


The most unconventional triangle you can imagine: you, your best friend and your sister. This is what the amazingly talented Emily Blunt has to come across in Lynn Shelton newest movie. A caring Iris (Emily Blunt) send her friend Jack (Mark Duplass) to her parents’ cabin, in order to let him recovering from his emotional struggles on the occasion of the anniversary of his brother’s death. However, the remote sanctuary is been occupied by Iris’s sister, Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), who tries to move on after a seven-year relationship break up. So, the spot become a bit crowded when Iris shows up to surprise Jack. He and Hannah share an awkward little secret to keep: they had sex after a very alcoholic night chat.

The truthfully and sharply funny dialogues are the best part of this skilfully directed romantic comedy. The well-explored characters lead us in journey into human being’s meaningful emotions: sorrow, doom, regret, romance and, of course, sisterhood.

Amusing performances made by the three actors. The star of The Young Victoria and Devil Wears Prada, knows how to overcome the genre brilliantly. She is the perfect choice for this glowing and witty character. Blunt and DeWitt together are like real sisters, sharing the same bed as they always did such thing, fighting badly and then making up with a simple gesture. Mark Duplass, already directed by Shelton in Humpday, has some terrific reaction shots that will make you laugh without a doubt. Duplass, who got his way through the film industry thanks to several shorts, also has a thing for music. He used to be singer and keyboarder of the American indie-rock band “Volcano I’m Still Excited!”.

A pleasant experience, from the beginning to the end, for Shelton’s fifth work behind the camera. The director’s deep understanding of human behaviours enrich the plot and leave us with some reflections to do. After you cross the line between friend-zone and lovers there’s not an easy way back.

She is filming at the moment Touchy Feely, a drama where we will see again Rosemarie DeWitt joined by the Golden Globe Awards winner Ellen Page.

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