Songmaker’s Official Top 10 chart-1st October-8th October

Well done  to Paul J who retains the number one position on our official Songmaker chart with his rendition of Bill Withers’s classic Lovely Day. There was also a new entry in our top 10 chart by Emma Carey who debuted at number 3 with her rendition of On My Own from the legendary musical: Les Miserables. Well done Emma, keep it up and you could be shooting to the top of our official chart in the near future.

Below is the rest of our official Songmaker top 10 chart:

  1. Paul J-Lovely Day (Bill Withers cover)
  2. B-Angel (Sarah Mclachlan cover)
  3. Emma Carey-On My Own (From Lis Miserables)
  4. B-Underneath (Adam Lambert)
  5. Reanna Marshall-Wherever You Go (Charlene Soraia cover)
  6. Mike Greenhalgh-Your Song (Elton John cover)
  7. Up Down Go Machine-Curse of the S.S.S
  8. Just Cathryn-Live To Tell (Madonna cover)
  9. The Feathered Chicks-Notorious
  10. Jordan Needham-Make You Feel My Love (Adele cover)

Head over to our Songmaker official chart website to listen to all the songs featured on our chart:

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